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ComicBookBin 1.0 for Android
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ComicBookBin Smartphone App

ComicBookBin apps for your smartphone allows you to read over 12,000 articles from The Comic Book Bin; provides you the most complete comic book convention calendar allowing you to add scheduled events to your calendar app, your desktop calendar in Outlook, or online calendar with Gmail; helps you find comic book stores in your area and anywhere in the world.

Each app is built from the ground up for each mobile OS to be as native and as intuitive as possible.

Download these apps today

Apple iOS -(current version 2.0)  The Comic Book Bin is available for the iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad). ComicBookBin 2.0 is at iTunes.

HP webOS - (current version 1.5) Download this app from the Palm App Catalog store at ComicBookBin 1.5 at Palm's Catalog

Google Android - (current version 1.0) Download this app from the Android Market

ComicBookBin on AndroidZoom
ComicBookBin on Cyrket
ComicBookBin on AppBrain


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Help for Convention Organizers and Sponsors

You're convention is not yet featured in our convention listing?

Send us an email at with relevant info and we'll add it.

Help for Comic Book Store Owners

Call us or email use if your comic book shop is not featured within our app. Listing is free for all comic book stores.

Send us an email at or call us at 1-800-498-4436 with relevant info and we'll add it.

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