Mission Possible
Mission Possible 2007

Client :Desjardins
Agency : Dyade
Format : Flash, Video
Project Type : Web Presentation and corporate animation
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Mission Possible 2007

The objective of this mission is to create a corporate motivational presentation cartoon animation, showing to Desjardins' financial advisors the company's new products for 2007. You will be aided in this mission by a rock climber and more than a thousand hand drawn drawings, composited in Flash and rendered to video.

Although inspired in part by the eight minutes sequence performed by actor Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible II, you will have to create from scratch all of the scenes so that the entire sequence lasts no more than 35 seconds. Each animation level will have shadows and the extensive shots of the Grand Canyons, inspired by old Road Runner cartoons.

Should your team of three animators accept this project, you will have no more than a month and a half to complete this project. This message will self destruct in five seconds.

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