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    Toon Doctor ® MX 101

    Why is it always when in the middle of a Macromedia Flash project that you're faced with a problem you can't fix?

    Well, there's no reason to despair. Toon Doctor ® MX 101 is the solution. It's a compilation of the 101 most asked question on Macromedia Flash answerd through animated tutorials. It's a great way to learn the program, from real examples.

  • Toon Doctor ® MX 101, ISBN: 0973271604
  • Doctor Flash 101

    Doctor Flash 101 is the fastest way to learn Macromedia Flash. Within an hour you will understand this program's interface, drawing tools and a several utilities. Add Macromedia Flash to your list of graphic programs, thanks to the video tutorials available in Doctor Flash 101.

  • Doctor Flash 101, ISBN: 0973271612

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