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Toon Doctor ® Storyboard Workshop

Toon Doctor ®'s Skill-building Storyboard Workshops are offered on a request basis for groups and individuals. This unique workshop designed for project managers, directors and the media gives solid understanding of this excellent creative development tool.

  • Flash Cartoon Workshops For Kids

    Parents asked us to create a Flash Cartoon Animation workshop for kids and we did! Unlike other activities, we don't censor kids. Individually or as a team they create their first cartoons and can show them to all their friends. The workshops are as much about working with computers as they are about drawing on a sheet of paper. It's the perfect combination for kids. The workshops are organized year-round. Special sessions can be offered in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, and surrounding areas.

    For more information about the Flash cartoon workshops check out our sister site

  • Kids' Flash Cartoon Workshops - Overview
  • Kids' Flash Cartoon Project Christmas 2004

    This is an animation project created by kids at Toon Doctor ®'s Flash cartoon animation workshop. This workshop mixes of classic hand-drawn with Macromedia Flash computer animation. The kids, aged 9 to 12 created the scenario as a team, drew all the characters and backgrounds hundreds of times before digitizing them.

  • Kids' Flash Cartoon Project Winter 2005

    11-year-old Jimmy created his own Anim® Flash cartoon based on Inuyasha. In the workshop, given by Toon Doctor, Jimmy learned to storyboard, draw and animate his favourite characters. Jimmy picked the music and redrew his hand animations with Macromedia Flash. Although this is Jimmy's first cartoon, it will probably not be the last.

  • Jewish People's Schools and Peretz Schools - 2005 Festival of The Arts

    This was a two hour introductory workshop to Flash cartoons with 12 kids participating. Each kid drew one animation frame.

  • Buy now for $89.99.
    Shipping is $5.
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    Buy now for $89.99.
    Shipping is $5.
    Free download included.

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