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Animation Layouts

The layout is a detailed representation of the scene based on the storyboard. The layout artist must create a composition of all visual elements present on the screen. This artist draws the major poses that each character will take in the scene. He also plans the integration of the background, props and other scene elements such as overlays and underlays within the scene. The layout artist must balance all of those elements so they highlight the characters as oppose to burying them.

Layout artists use field guides (or graticules) to plot the elements visually for the screen.

Services Offered By Toon Doctor

  • Flash-optimized Storyboards
  • Animation Layouts
  • Flash optimized Designs
  • Breakdown & Exposure Sheet Writing
  • Animation - Traditional or Optimized
  • Animation Scanning
  • Ink & Paint for Flash
  • Animatics
  • Compositing & Camera works
  • Audio Integration
  • Export for Web, Broadcast or Film
  • Comic Book Design

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