Building Tools Animations

Client : Coolstreak
Format : Flash
Project Type : Flash Animation
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Building Tools Animations

Flash traditional animations of construction building tools created for a client three years ago (we had been under contract not to display these animations to the public). The job was subcontracted to Toon Doctor, so we don't know who the real end client is. The basic animation created on a Cintiq monitor was used as a rough pencil animation and possibly cleaned up and refined. If you ever see this project elsewhere, you'll know where it really originated from.

Toon Doctor does a lot of work where confidentiality is a must and in some cases, such as this one, we don't even know who the end client was and where our work is displayed. And moreover, we respect our engagement in contracts even if it means we can't display our work on our own Web site for three years. Not many animators have such a casual and flexible approach and are willing to respect confidentiality agreements so thoroughly.

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